Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homage to Monet, 48" x 60" , oil on canvas to make it's debut at the Paris to Loveland Show

This painting is of Monet's famed lily pond at his Gardens in Giverny, France. I had the great pleasure to go there Summer 2010. I did 7 plein air paintings while there and this is my second studio piece from the trip. This painting is BIG - 4 feet by 5 feet - to convey my immense appreciation of Monet's work, all the beauty that he created and the inspiration that he gives to me as an artist finding my expression in paint.

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kitsgirl said...

what a huge painting. so wonderful and I hope you sell it. it needs to be viewed. I too painted in Monet's Garden with Art Study in 2008 Pat Fiorello was our teacher and we went all over. Enjoyed it so much I took my husband back for 12 days in Paris. cool rainy and wonderful to go back.